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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Cyryn Fyrcyd

Cyryn Fyrcyd Psssst...No matter what it is. I would love to hear from you! No negativity though, please. Cheers!

I have recently wrote a book entitled, Cy Lantyca and working on the next one. If esoteric adventures, unknown Gods and Goddesses and erotic, romantic passion is your style. By all means Google Cy Lantyca

Pronounce Siren Fireside, Cyryn Fyrcyd is a true British charmer. Raised by females, self educated and an individual who holds that "je nes se quoi" characteristic.

Cyryn was born to create art. It is a gift that emerged early in his life through his sketches and only continues to manifest. Introducing himself into art in 1997, the natural fusion of music and art cascaded naturally for him, with paint brush in hand. Whereas now, Cyryn has been trying a variety of other forms of abstract. Expressing his love of music and capturing the energy and adrenalizing beats on his handmade canvases, is an on-going dance party within his mind.

"My canvases are built fittingly. 9/10 of them are made of Recycled Material".

Bystanders, neighbors and even children would stop in their tracks to watch Cyryn produce a vibrant piece of work as he danced. While channeling the sounds of Tiesto onto canvas. The combination of art, music and dance gives his work a spark of intensity. That can only come from drawing on the vibes of the music and the moment.

. "Without music, I would go mental. My A.D.D. would get the worst of me."

In 2008, Cyryn took another step in the art world by becoming a photographer. Cyryn brought out an unprecedented artistic side of him within his photography. Including Light, Fashion, Landscape, Family, Erotic, Advertising and Portrait. Always in search of fascinating and creative shootings, he is always prepared with his Samsung camera. Along with Big Red, the D3100 Nikon.

"Working with a simple DSLR Samsung camera, I've learned some very cool tricks with it. That's with no training or classes. I personally feel, it's about instincts and using your natural surroundings and alot of trial and error."

Cyryn has an interesting life and within that, he has accomplished alot. Raising his daughter of 15, while maintaining his youth appeal. Developed a sense of spiritualism along with a keen interest in the paranormal world. A show on Youtube called We Are Abandoned, where he explores the derelict houses that surround us. His distinctive cavalier characteristic of patience, a bounty of moxie and the energy of a Richard Simons. Cyryns' spirit is pure of heart, one who is always willing to try something provocative and fun.

If you wish to contact Cyryn for any reason, you can email him at

Cyryn Fyrcyd's Client Comments;

"Your personal beauty (inner and outward) is definitely seen through your artwork and your passion. Very Inspirational Cyryn."
Cecil Fuselier

"Your intensity and dynamics defiantly show with every piece you bring to life on canvas."
Rys Firestone

Cyryn the expressions in your paintings is felt, very inspirational. I always wonder, "what he was thinking" when painting them Very talented! Thank you, Cyryn !!
Tammy Murray

"You are very artistic, you have an eye for certain things in life that most people over look. Your a very interesting individual if i may say so".
Laura Budd

Your work has captivated many visitors around our dinning table and countless conversations of the hidden figures within it. Bravo!
Daniel Craig!/CyrynFyrcyd